A.  Information

  1. Be ready with the legal name of the ministry, if it's different, the tax id/501c3number, the date the ministry started, and the bank routing and account number.

  2. The person applying or a leader's home address, cell phone, social security number, date of birth, and email address (required since 9/11 and kept confidential).

B. Upload 

Be ready to upload a picture or scanned copy of the following during the signup, or fax them to 1-407-982-7577 or

  1. voided check from the bank account or a letter from the bank.

  2. Your ministry's IRS/501c3 letter 
    (documents from your state will not substitute for this required document please). 



Know the plan you want to start with then click the link below. It takes 4-5 minutes to complete.


The sign up process takes about 5 minutes.

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