Create Custom Pages with Robust Design Control

Your giving page should look like your organization. We give you limitless ways to make the giving page look and feel exactly like your organization. From simple and clean designs to advanced patterns and transparencies, you get to leverage the latest and greatest tools to make your giving page look and feel like you.

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Almost Limitless Customization

Experience new possibilities with the customization that only GiveInJoy provides. Our campaign builder lets you build your fundraising campaign in just minutes.


No Compromises

Never again will you need to make compromises on functionality, look or feel. It’s all at your fingertips with zero technical knowledge required. Yet, your end result will be a state of the art solution that is powerful, scalable and beautiful.

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Helpful Reports and Analytics

Getting to your data shouldn’t be a nightmare. We give you real-time insights and instant exports for all your campaigns. See within a few seconds how your giving is going, where it's coming from and how much of it is recurring. You get these brilliant insights straight from our control panel without having to use 3rd party analytics software.